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Greenleaf Landscaping has been an industry leader in providing professional and exceptional landscape services in the inland northwest area since 1980.

Greenleaf Landscaping was founded in 1980 by Dan Gaffney who many years later offered the opportunity to purchase the company to his long time dedicated employee of 16 plus years, Gary Wickham. Gary has been in the landscaping industry for over 20 years. His passion for all things landscaping began with Greenleaf and has flourished ever since. His knowledge and understanding our clients’ individual needs has allowed Greenleaf Landscaping to evolve into an industry leader in the Inland Northwest region. Gary was later joined by his life partner of 17 years and wife Melanie Wickham. Gary and Melanie have a blended family of 7 plus their beloved Yorkie’s, Zoey and Oliver. Their newest addition is a white German Shepard named Skyler. He looks forward coming into the office each and every day and is joy to the staff. Gary and Melanie continue to successfully run the company as a tight knit family oriented business.

Greenleaf has a dedicated team including many long time professionals exceperinced in delivering superior lawn and landscape results with. residential and commercial landscape maintenance services.

As a company, we always go the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of our customer is obtained. It is also our priority to deliver landscaping services with diligence, precision and excellence. Greenleaf was founded on principles of hardworking and integrity and we will always continue to strive for greatness and being the leader in the Inland Northwest.

-Gary and Melanie Wickham