Irrigation Repairs

  • We do most minor and even some major repair jobs to your irrigation system.

Irrigation Monitoring

  • Detect potential problems that help you prevent water waste, water runoff,
    & sprinkler damage
  • Adjust clocks for seasonal irrigation needs; saving you more water overall
    • The less water you use, the more money you save!
    • Efficient water usage preserves natural resources and promotes the
      sustainability of our local water source

Rain Sensors

  • Save Money: Whether you pay for city water or spend electricity running a
    pump, the money you save over time will more than pay for the rain sensor!
  • Prolonging the Life of Your Irrigation System: A rain sensor can reduce wear
    to your system because it runs only when necessary.
  • Reducing Nutrient Loss & Disease Damage: Over-watering causes nutrients
    to wash away from turf, requiring increased applications of fertilizer. It also
    retards deep root growth and increases lawn susceptibility to disease. In fact,
    over-watering has been called the most common cause of disease in turf.
  • Conserving Municipal Water: By preventing unnecessary irrigation after rain
    events, rain sensors help ensure water availability for emergencies, such as
    firefighting, especially during the peak summer months.