Lawn Care

“An average, healthy lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four!”

Lawn Health and Maintenance

Just because you enjoy having a beautiful, lush, well maintained lawn doesn’t mean it can’t be great for the environment too!

Lawns purify water entering into underground aquifers. The lawns root mass and supporting soil microbes act as massive filters to capture and breakdown many types of pollutants common to our urban environment.

We Offer Many Different Lawn Care Programs That We Can Customize To Your Needs:

Organic Lawn Care Program

4 applications of organic fertilizer and 2 organic lawn weed sprays

Partial Organic Lawn Care Program (Get the benefit of organic at half the cost!)

2 phosphate-free free fertilizers (1st & 4th applications), 2 organic fertilizers (2nd & 3rd applications), and 2 lawn weed sprays

Premium Lawn Care Program

4 applications of phosphate-free fertilizer and 2 weed sprays

Standard Lawn Care Program

3 applications of phosphate-free fertilizer and 2 weed sprays

Basic Lawn Care Program

2 applications of phosphate-free fertilizer and 1 weed spray

Build Your Own Lawn Care Program

Tell us how many fertilizers (1-4), how many lawn weed sprays (1-2) and what kind of applications (organic or regular)

Customize your lawn care program to include any of the following:

GREEN FEATURE Organic Fertilizer

  • Naturally builds up the soil by stimulating microbes that fight off disease and improves the overall health of your soil
  • Contains no unnecessary or unwanted salts and chemicals like regular fertilizer
  • Organic fertilizer releases slower and can last longer than regular fertilizer

GREEN FEATURE Phosphate-Free Fertilizer

  • Slow and quick release granular
  • High levels of phosphorous in soil can transfer to water runoff which is dangerous to our local lakes and streams – phosphate-free fertilizer helps prevent this
  • Phosphorous creates poor water quality that leads to algae blooms, which in turn can be toxic to aquatic life such as fish, frogs, etc. Phosphate-free fertilizer is a responsible step to eliminating unnecessary phosphate deposits into the environment.

Lawn Weed Spray

A solution to control broadleaf weeds 

Lawn Aeration

Increases water, air, and fertilizer intake 

Lawn Mowing

Weekly lawn mowing and edging services

Annual Bluegrass Control

Eliminate pesky bluegrass from your yard

Crab Grass Control

Get rid of invasive crab grass

Lawn Disease Control

  • Necrotic Ring Spot Treatment
  • Fairy Ring Treatment
  • Red Thread Disease Treatment
  • Snow Mold Prevention & Treatment
  • And much more!